St. Mel's Diocesan Museum

Before St. Mel's Cathedral was gutted by fire on December 25, 2009, it hosted a collection of approximatelty 500 items making it one of the most impressive ecclesiastical museums in the country. Among the artifacts exhibited were the Crozier of St. Mel, the Shrine of St. Caillinn, a book shrine associated with Brian O'Rourke, lord of Breifne and the 12th century Clough na Rígh or 'bell of the kings.' Fortunately, although many of the artifacts perished in the fire, about 200 items were recovered from the debris. Efforts to rebuild and restore St. Mel's cathedral began almost immediately.



St. Mel's Cathedral,

Co. Longford

Telephone: +353 (0) 43 3346465


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