Birdwatcher's Code of Conduct

Please remember that when on privately owned lands, permission to access the land must be obtained from the landowner. Permission may sometimes be denied due to other activities on the land such as hunts or shoots, or particular farming practices that may be in progress.

The Birdwatchers Code of Conduct (Pemberton 1994), which should always be adhered to is reproduced here:

1. The welfare of the birds must always come first.

2. Protect habitats and do not let your activities create damage.

3. Keep any disturbance to a minimum; in particular remember breeding birds.

4. Be careful before releasing any information you have gathered about rare birds. Ask yourself if release of information will create unnecessary disturbance in the area.

5. Do not harass migrant species.

Paramount requirements when selecting binoculars which are to be used on a regular basis.

1. Optically sound (does prevent increase risk of eye strain and eye damage).

2. Dust and moisture free (loses usefulness when damp and dust creates wear).

3. Reliability (essential).

4. Will stand wear and tear (initial cost does save in the long term).

5. Weight (very important if used in the field for any length of time - strain on neck etc.).

6. Precision instruments receive greater respect increasing usefulness and life of instrument.

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