Clouded Yellow

Latin: Colias croceus

Irish: Buíóg chróch

The Clouded Yellow is one of our most spectacular and rare migrant species in the area with, on occasion, large influxes arriving from North Africa and the continent.

Records of single specimens are almost annual, with sightings being more common in September and October.

Periodically there are particularly good Clouded Yellow years when there are large influxes into Ireland. These can be quite spectacular with large numbers of these pretty butterflies arriving on our shores.

Migrants normally lay their eggs on Clover species and Trefoil species, and these hatch in just over a week. The caterpillar stage lasts for five to seven weeks and the chrysalis form for another two to three weeks. There is no evidence to suggest that the Clouded Yellow has ever survived the Irish winter.

Case Studies

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