Latin: Inachis io

Irish: Péacóg

The Peacock is one of the most spectacular of our butterflies and can be found throughout the area, though in recent years there has been fewer number visible. The adults, whose additional 'warning eyes' give the butterfly a 'owl like' expression, live for up to 11 months and hibernate in dark crevices and holes in trees during the winter.

The Butterfly bush is particularly attractive to feeding adults. Eggs are laid in April and May, after hibernation, on common nettle and hatch after about a week. The caterpillar form lasts for about a month and chrysalis stage a further two weeks.

The adult insect's dark under-wing pattern make it surprisingly difficult to locate when at rest and the insect also has the ability to create an audible warning noise by rubbing to forewings and hindwings together - yet another form of defence.

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