Bats - The Pipistrelle Bat

Latin: Pipistrellus pipistrellus

Irish: Ialtóg fheascrach

This is our most common bat and the smallest with a body length of between 33mm and 52mm and a weight of between 3g and 8g, small enough to fit in a matchbox. One pipistrelle will eat up to 3,000 midges in a single night.

The oldest known bat fossil is about 60 million years old.

Bat numbers have been in decline in recent years. This is primarily due to two reasons:

  • Insect numbers are lower due to the use of modern chemical insecticide sprays.
  • There are fewer suitable places for bats to roost and breed. Modern buildings and bridges do not have the same number of nooks and crannies that older buildings once had.

We can encourage bats by making a bat box, which is similar to a bird box except that the entrance is at the bottom. These can be placed in shaded areas on trees and old walls.

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