Lesser Celandine

Latin: Ranunculus ficaria

Flower: Single waxy yellow flower, 1-1 1/2" wide, bilaterally symmetrical; sepals 3 to 4, dropping off soon after flower opens; petals 8 to 10, yellow, often fading to whitish; stamens and pistils many.

Leaves: Simple, heart-shaped, glossy, on long stalks, smooth-edged or scalloped; often clustered at base of plant.

Height: Height: 5-10", low-lying

Habitat: Lowlying damp woods, streamsides.

Blooms: March to May.

A garden escapee (early wildflower guides make no mention of it), it is now quite extensive. In many parts of the Rocky River valley, it has completely choked out native species. Low-lying flat areas are often densely carpeted with these in early spring.

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