Pyramidal Orchid

Latin name: Anacamptis pyramidalis

Size: 20 to 60 cms.

Distribution: This striking plant is found throughout the south east region, and is commonly found in the south of France.

Flowering months: In flower during March, April and May.

Habitat: Grassy ground, roadsides; likes calcareous soil, hedgerows and riverbanks .

Special features: The flowers are grouped in a pyramidal to cylindrical flower-head. the individual flowers are purplish-pink to bright pink, and occasionally white or deep red. The flowers are 10 mm across, and have a long tail spur, 12 to 14 m. The upper petals and sepal form a helmet. The lower lip has 3 equal length lobes.

The lower leaves are narrow and linear to lance shaped, and channeled; up to 29cm long at the base and decreasing in size towards the top. The uppermost leaves are narrow and clasp the stem all the way to the flower-head. It is often be seen in large groups, and is pollinated by butterflies.

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