The Ballinasloe Union Agricultural Society

Lewis' Topographical Dictionarymentions in1837the existence of anAgricultural Societywhich held its annual meetings in October. It was formed by the advice and aid ofLord Clancartyand was the first of its kind established in Ireland. It affiliated itself to theRoyal Agricultural Society of Irelandon the formation of that body in1841. TheBallinasloeSociety had a model farm and a paid agricultural instructor, who went on the farms, gave advice and arranged for grants in aid of improvements. It became the exemplar for the activities of theRoyal Society.Lord Cloncartyhad medals struck byWilliam WoodhouseofDublinwhich were given as premiums to his tenants for superior farming. One which is extant bears the date1845. TheBallinasloe Agricutlural Societyalso had a medal struck by the same firm in1882.

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