This article was written by Samuel J. Macguire and originally published in the 'Galway Reader' in the 1950s. The 'Galway Reader' is available from Galway Public Library.

Inventory of the Abbey of Kilconnel

"It is agreed by the consent of the Guardian and discreets of this Convent of Kilconnell that the goods of the Convent be disposed of as followeth: 1. A chestful of books to Mr. Francis Blake of Ballinderry. 2. Chest full of books to Mr. Hugh McKige of Stiregan 3. All our Vestments to Mr. Charles Daly, Calln. 4. To sell our brewing pan and pewter dishes and brass candle sticks, black potts, spits and one brass kittle to Madam A. Daly of Calln. 5. To sell all our tember to James McGuff, our chests , a cupard as also our genmells, beddsteeds, tabells and chayrs. 6. That all the ffathers may sell their oats and have it for to beare theyr charges and same to be divided by the Guardian to each of them respectively. 7. To sell all our barells big and small to James McGuff. 8. That all the Chattels and provision may be sold and distributed to the fathers respectively with the price of our farm and all the rest of our household stuff which distribution is to be done by the Guardian and discreets. All the above acts were agreed on this 15th of March 1697-8 by us. fr. John Kelly Guardian of Kilconnellfr. Bonaventura Burke, Defr. fr. A. K. Disc"