Archbishops in Tuam

Aod O'Hoisin the Archbishop died in 1161 and was buried in his cathedral. A monument with an Irish inscription is said to have been placed over his grave but there is now no trace of it nor is the location of the grave known.

Archbishop o'Hoisin was succeeded in 1161 by Catholicus O'Duffy an Augustinian and the Annals of the Four Masters report his presence at the Council of Athboy when in 1168Roderick O'Connor was proclaimed High King of Ireland. Four years afterwards, O'Connor conveyed a synod of the clergy and laity of Leath Cuinn at Tuam and on this occasion, three churches were consecrated by Archbishop O'Duffy. The Annals of Leinster also refer to this event but neither authority specifically mentions the Cathedral.

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