Cromwellian conquest and aftermath

1654 Kilkenny ruled by Daniel Axtel as Military Governor. No mayor for two years.

1662 Restoration of Charles II as King of England. Ormonde is made a duke and returns to Ireland as Lord Lieutenant.

1676 The Duke of Ormonde presents a silver mace to the City of Kilkenny.

1687 King James II gives Kilkenny a new charter. Catholics return to Corporation.

1690 William III, having defeated King James at the Battle of The Boyne, cancels the charter of James II.

1715 The Second Duke of Ormonde flees to France. He joins the Jacobites (supporters of the Stuart Kings)

1717 An act 'for the better regulating of the Corporation of Kilkenny and the strengthening of the protestant position therein' is passed by the Irish Parliament.

1718 Proclamation declaring that the Duke of Ormonde is planning to invade Ireland with a Jacobite army.

1759 - 1761 The Tholsel (City Hall) in High Street is built.

1763 A great flood sweeps away both bridges in the city.

1771 The Market Cross, built in 1335 is removed.

1782 Burrel's Hall in James's Street is opened as a Catholic school by the Diocese of Ossory.

1782 County Hall, formerly Kilkenny College built

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