The Modern Era

1858 James Stephens founds the Fenians or Irish Republican Brotherhood in Dublin.

1865 Stephens arrested and escapes from jail.

1890 After the Parnell split, the Parnellite candidate is defeated in the Kilkenny by-election.

1904 King Edward VII visits Kilkenny.

1904 Kilkenny win their first All-Ireland Hurling Title

1917 W.T. Cosgrave wins a by-election in Kilkenny for the Sinn Féin Party.

1922 Republican forces in Kilkenny Castle are attacked by Free State forces during Civil War.

1935 Kilkenny Castle is closed up and the Ormonde family leaves Ireland

1962 Kilkenny Archaeological Society purchases Rothe House

1965 Kilkenny Design Workshops open.

1967 The Marquess of Ormonde presents Kilkenny Castle to the people of Kilkenny

969 Margaret Tynan elected Kilkenny's first Lady Mayor

1976 The East Wing of Kilkenny Castle is restored and opened to the public

1985, Kilkenny City Hall - the Tholsel is badly damaged in a fire, restoration begins immediately

1986 Restoration of the Shee Alms house is complete, it is now the Kilkenny Tourist Office

1993 Watergate Theatre opens

1994 Kilkenny County Council Headquaters relocated to County Hall formerly Kilkenny College

Kilkenny Castle today
Property of Kilkenny Local Authorities

2000 The restored west wing of Kilkenny Castle - the 'Parade Tower' opens

2008 The Gardens of Rothe House are opened to the public following a lenghty restoration

2009 Kilkenny City celebrates the 400th Anniversary of the granting of City status by King James 1

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