SS. Peter and Paul's Church

The old Parish Church of SS. Peter and Paul was a very fine structure. It was beside the Convent in Church Avenue. It was built in the nineteenth century by the Very Rev. Nicholas O'Connor V.F., who is interred there. It was completed in 1822. The church was demolished entirely several years ago.

"We will build you a splendid and beautiful Church" the architects' spokesman assured the Very Rev. T. Browne, who oversaw the construction of the new SS. Peter & Paul's Parish Church. Over a period of twenty years collections had been made with the combined efforts of dedicated parishioners, and the time had come in the sixties to make a concrete start. The long homework had been done by Fr. Browne and his contemporaries. The Church was to be more than a sumptuous building gracing a historic parish: it was to express itself in its totality through the siting, the design, and the materials used, by the special features, fittings, adornments and lighting.

This building aimed to be a worthy centre for communal celebration. It would be spacious, bright, well-heated and comfortable. Sited as it is on a height with its doors and gateways opening out to the several roads in the area, it symbolises the ecumenical and apostolic mission of the church. The architects (Jones and Kelly), the contractors and builders combined to make this vision a reality, and it was blessed and opened for Liturgical use on the 4th July 1965.


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