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  • Recycle

    Recycling puts all or part of an item which has served its purpose to another use in some other product The internationally recognized symbol for it includes three arrows moving in a triangle Each ...
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  • Waste in the Workplace

    Businesses can gain a lot from being kind to the environment Some of the reasons why they should strive to reduce waste include It saves money It improves reputation It protects our shared environment ...
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  • School Initiatives

    Schools are a key component in educating people about waste management Based on a survey of almost 1 000 Irish primary schools it appears that in 98 5 of them environmental awareness exists and that ...
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  • Waste from Packaging

    Ireland s success in recovering packaging waste has increased significantly in the past twenty years The trend to 2011 is shown in the graph above In accordance with the European Commission directive ...
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  • Reduce

    Reducing the amount of resources we use and in turn reducing the waste we produce is the main aim Our challenge is to minimise refuse everywhere we find it However that won t be easy because of the ...
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  • Links

    Environmental Protection Agency www epa ie Waste http www epa ie irelandsenvironment waste Pollutant Release and Transfer Register http prtr epa ie Department of the Environment Community and Local ...
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  • End of Life Vehicles

    In order to dispose of a vehicle of which you are the registered owner you are required to deposit it at an authorised treatment facility for appropriate treatment and recovery The specific measures ...
    • ENFO
  • Battery Take Back Scheme

    Batteries can contain heavy metals mercury cadmium lead which are the main cause for environmental concern If waste batteries are not disposed of correctly heavy metals may leak when the battery ...
    • ENFO
  • Recycling Waste

    Most homes are now located within reach of a bottle bank Separate your bottles cans and other recyclable items such as clothes and bring recycling into your home Find your local bring bank on the ...
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