The Greenhouse Effect

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So what is causing global warming?

In the earth's atmosphere there is a blanket of gases that keep some of the sun's heat trapped inside. This helps to keep the earth warm, and without them the earth would be about 30 degrees cooler! This is known as the greenhouse effect because it works in the same way as a greenhouse.

Have you ever been in a greenhouse? The sunlight comes in through the glass, and the glass also helps to keep the heat from the sun inside the greenhouse. This helps the plants and vegetables grow. On a very sunny day, it can get really hot!

The greenhouse effect is part of the natural carbon cycle, but a lot of human activity is causing more and more of these greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere. Most of these gases come from the use of fossil fuels in industry, transport and agriculture. It also comes from food waste. These changes have disrupted the natural carbon cycle.

This means that the natural blanket of gases helping to keep the Earth warm is getting thicker all the time and the Earth is getting warmer.

All life on Earth depends on the atmosphere as it provides plenty of air and water. It also protects us from the sun's most harmful rays, so it is important to do all we can to protect it.