Where We Live

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Where we live we call our country, our county, our town, our street, or our townland.

Some people live in rural areas, which means they live in the countryside or small villages.

Other people live in urban areas. These include towns and cities. Where we live is also called our habitat. The habitats that we live in are our homes.

Do you live in a rural area or an urban area?

We share our habitats with all the plants and animals that live around us.

Can you think of all the living things around you?

Did you remember the spider, the mouse, the ladybird, the grass and the trees?

If you are walking through the countryside, you will see bogs, forests, lakes, rivers and little islands.

All of these are habitats for different animals, and contain many types of plants that you wouldn't find in your back garden!

Most animals are unable to survive properly in a habitat that is not their own. A habitat contains everything that certain animals need to survive. If an animal is in the wrong habitat and some of these elements are missing, the animal will need to move or it will die.

Can you think of the correct habitat for these animals?


What are Habitats?

What are Habitats?