Aspects of Cork City

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  • Aspects of Cork City

Cork City

Cork city is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland. It measures 3,731 hectares.

The motto for Cork city is Statio Bene Fide Carinis - A safe Harbour for ships. It is said that a monastery was founded there by St. Finbarr.

Cork city is run at local level by Cork City Council, unlike the rest of the county which falls under the local control of Cork County Council.

The physical geography of Cork city is dominated by the River Lee. Further details on the city's geography can be found here.

Cork is a university city with a total student population in excess of 25,000. The city has two main third level education institutes - University College Cork and Cork Institute of Technology.


According to the last census, taken in 2006, the population of Cork city is 119,418. This is represented by 60,969 females with the remaining 58,449 being male.

This figure shows that off all the people living in the county of Cork (481,295), roughly 25% of them live in Cork city.

However, there has been a fall in recent years in the number of people living in Cork city. In 2002, the population was 123,062 and now it has fallen by 3% (3,644) to 119,418.

Transport in Cork City

In the next few pages, we will look at aspects of transport in Cork city. We will learn how ships and shipping have been important to Cork for centuries. We will also look back in time and learn a little about Cork's trams.

Like all big cities, Cork is looking at ways to improve life for the people who live there. We will learn what Cork City Council is doing to improve transport to the benefit of Cork's citizens and environment. Later in the section, we'll take a look at the cultural life of the city.