Aspects of Limerick City

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  • Aspects of Limerick City


The city of Limerick is dominated by the River Shannon.

There are three main bridges in the city which overlook the river. They are Shannon Bridge, Thomond Bridge and Sarsfield Bridge.

Limerick City is located in the hub of what is known as the Midwest. It lies close to the border between County Limerick and County Clare and is a very important industrial city for many counties in Munster.


According to the census in 2006, the population of Limerick City is 52,539, with another 34,197 living in the suburbs. This figure shows a decline in Limerick City's population since 2002 of 1,484 or 2.7%.

This reduction is very unusual as Ireland's population in general has grown steadily during this period. For example, County Limerick has experienced a rise of 8.4% in its population since 2002.

The gender of Limerick's population is fairly evenly spread although there are 1,143 more females than males living in the city.