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The Evening Telegraph was originally a weekly newspaper, published on Mondays, later becoming a daily newspaper, excluding Sundays. It was issued in Dublin from 1871 to 1924. Its proprietor was Edmund Dwyer Gray, one time Lord Mayor of Dublin. The editorial orientation was Nationalist. It carried extensive advertising, and was strong on social news, in particular notices and reviews of theatre and music hall. It carried some photographs, but mostly stories were illustrated with line drawings.

The selected pages in the following narrative have been taken from the period April to June 1904, and the edition used is the 'Special Pink' or 'Last Pink', printed on pink newsprint. This edition held in Dublin City Library and Archive is unbound and stored in archival storage boxes.

In the 1904 period each issue consisted of four pages, with extra pages on Saturdays. The newspaper sheets are of different sizes, ranging from approximately 61cm in height by 52cm in width to 61cm in height by 65cm in width, and some of the larger ones have been folded over to fit the binding, creating a brittle and discoloured line along the fold. Due to the age of the paper it is quite fragile, and a little brittle at the edges, but as the volume was kept in dark conditions and was not used intensively, the condition of the paper is in the best condition that could be expected. The National Library of Ireland's conservators considered it 'pristine'.

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Pdf Evening Telegraph 16th June 1904, Title Page
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Pdf Evening Telegraph 11th June 1904, Title Page
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Evening Telegraph 6th April 1904, Page 2 - © Dublin City Public Libraries

Evening Telegraph 30th April 1904, Page 4 - © Dublin City Public Libraries

Evening Telegraph 30th April 1904, Page 8 - © Dublin City Public Libraries

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