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Introduction to the unit on Clothes


The content and activities within  this unit support the geography curriculum for first and second class level. The five sections within the unit explore the important role of clothes in our daily lives. The unit helps children to gain an understanding of how clothes provide protection from the elements and how particular clothes such as uniforms or sport strips can demonstrate how people belong to a certain group or occupation. The on-line materials developed for the unit are intricately linked with the strand units Living in the local community and Weather. While each section is largely concerned with clothing in Ireland links are also made to People and places in other areas through the photographs and information provided.

The site materials are intended to be sufficiently self-explanatory for children to engage in them without constant direction from the teacher. This would allow children to work on them where computers are in a class setting or in a computer room. The unit can also be used in a whole-class teaching situation. Specific ideas for teaching whilst using the on-line materials are suggested below in Ideas for Teaching. They are also to be found in the overview section which follows. Active methodologies are promoted through the activities which children are asked to do. These include drawing tasks, quizzes such as a match the person to the occupation challenge, drag and drop writing tasks, and dressing for the weather activities. A cross-curricular approach is adopted. This can be seen in the section on integration. Particular links are made to the clothing history section.

Overview of the clothing unit


This unit is subdivided into five main sections:

1. The Clothes People Wear

2. Shopping for Clothes

3. Clothes to Celebrate

4. Clothes and the Weather

5. What Clothes are Made of