History of Art

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There are many different styles of art today. For example, painting, sculpture, graffiti, photography are all thought of as art. However, this was not always true.

Up to the end of the Middle Ages, art was thought about very differently. The value of the material used in the piece of art was important. The use of the piece of art was also very important, for example a Gospel book or a brooch. In those days, the name of the artist was rarely recorded.

In the later Middle Ages, the Renaissance began in Europe. This was the beginning of the idea of 'fine art'. People began to judge art by the artist's skills. The value of the materials used became less important. Picture painting and sculpture became the most popular type of art. They stayed popular into the 20th century.

Today, any material at all can be used to make art. Digital art has become very popular. This includes photography, videos and films, animation etc.

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