The Green Team Go Shopping!

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By now, you have learned lots about how precious a healthy environment is for all forms of life on earth.


You also know lots of tricks to prevent wasting our resources and to help keep our planet clean, like separating all your waste in the different recycling bins.

There's just one more area we'd like to talk about where you can make a big difference...lets go shopping!

Do you ever help out with the weekly grocery shopping? Why not get even more involved and remember these tips the next time you go shopping.

Buy Local:

Lots of fruits and vegetables are flown in from Africa or shipped to Ireland from countries on the other side of the world! This means that the boats and planes have to use lots of fuel to bring them here. This releases more nasty greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and contributes to global warming.

Instead of buying imported food, ask your parents if you can buy more food that has been grown in Ireland. These foods only have to be transported a short distance, and use less fuel, in comparison to those coming in from abroad!

Buy Organic:

When food has been grown organically, it means that there were no herbicides or insecticides used. However, plants are a natural habitat for bugs and insects and, as island protectors, its up to us to help protect them! These sprays can also pollute the ground and our water.

Ask your parents about buying some organic food each week so we can help cut down on using harmful sprays.

Buy Recycled:

Try to buy goods made from recycled material wherever possible. Also, look for those that can be recycled when you've finished with them.

Look out for the recycle logo the next time you go shopping. Did you know that most drink cartons can be recycled and used to make printing paper, paper bags and tissue paper?

Last but not least, don't forget to bring your own bags when going shopping!