Sea Conservation: How You Can Help!

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ICON: Happy whale
Courtesy of An Post

So much about the world’s oceans is still a mystery, but we do know that they are full of life! Unfortunately marine life also faces some big problems, including manmade pollution and global warming.

This is where you come in!

If everyone around the world only does a little bit to help, it will make the oceans a much safer environment for marine life.

Rocky sea-shore
Courtesy of An Post

At the sea-side

Make sure not to disturb any of the marine life. Most importantly, don’t leave any litter in the rock pools or anywhere else along the beach. Birds can get tangled in bits of twine or toy fishing nets, and many animals can mistake plastic bags for food. It is very easy for them to get poisoned. Remember, the seaside is a home to lots of creatures!

At home

Ask your parents about using environmentally friendly cleaning products in the house. The cleaners we use in the washing machine, the sink, or anywhere else around the house get washed down the drain and can eventually reach the sea through the sewage system. As you can guess, they aren’t very healthy for our marine friends in the sea! They can easily poison animals, so remember to use cleaners that have ‘environmentally friendly’ written on the label.

Walk as much as you can!

Global warming means that the temperature of the world is rising. Rising temperatures are caused by an increase of carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere, mostly from people burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are used for running industries, cars, buses, trains and many other machines. If we walk as much as we can instead of taking a car or a bus, we will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The temperature of marine habitats is rising as well.

There are lots of marine plants and animals that can’t swim to cooler waters if their habitat becomes too warm, for example, giant clams, corals, sponges etc.

If temperatures rise too much, lots of marine life will die.