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There are so many ways that you can do extra research and investigate more about Constamce Markievicz's life and her family. Below are some ideas.

Your local library is an excellent source for all the information you may need.

There might be some more photographs or images related to Constance Markievicz if you search teh website.

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Ask Your Librarian or Teacher

Ask your School Librarian or Teacher if they can help you find out information about Constance Markievicz and how Ireland was in the 19th and 20th Century.

Information you could look out for are photos and media publications (ie: Newspaper clippings etc) that may look back on how life was in Ireland.

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Other Links

  • You could go onto the website of your local newspaper and search their archives about Ireland in the 19th and 20the Century and also learn more about Constance Markievicz. You can search all the Irish newspapers from one website:
  • You could ask your parents and your grandparents do the have any stories or evidence that has been handed down to them from this era. Sometimes, people hold on to personal possessions and they are a major source of historical evidence.
  • You can perform a search through the online encylopedia which has lots of information about everything and also good illustrations to help you picture what Ireland was like centuries ago.
  • As one of Constance Markievicz's homes, Lissadell House

    Lissadell House

    This photograph shows Lissadell House in County Sligo. It was originally the home of the Gore-Booth family. One of the most famous members of this family was the Irish revolutionary Constance Markievicz. This was where she grew up.

    Copyright Sligo County Library


    Lissadell House

    Constance was born into a wealthy Anglo Irish family in County Sligo in 1868.

    Copyright Sligo County Library

     , was located in County Sligo, the county has welcomed may tourists all over the world to catch a glimpse of what Constance's life was like.
    A lot of historical evidence has been found in County Sligo and is illustrated on