Growing Up

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130 years ago

The Gore-Booth Family

Constance Gore-Booth was born on the 4th February 1868 in London. She was the eldest child of Sir Henry Gore-Booth, of Lissadell House, County Sligo and Georgina Hill, of Tickell Castle in Yorkshire. She had two brothers, Josslyn and Mordaunt and two sisters Eva

Eva Gore-Booth

This is a picture of Eva Gore-Booth, Constance's sister. Eva dedicated her life to writing poetry, women's suffrage and social work. Through her, Constance also became involved in the campaign for votes for women.

Copyright Sligo County Library.

and Mabel.

Growing Up

Sir Henry had a large estate in Sligo of about 25,000 acres and was considered a good landlord.

Constance was educated at home by a series of governesses. She developed an interest in painting and drawing while Eva, her sister, wrote poetry.

The Gore-Booth children

Constance and Eva

An illustration of sisters that had different interests but both educated at home by a series of governesses.

Copyright Sligo County Library.

Constance and Eva

Constance and her sister eva whom she was very close to are pictured here at the opening of Drumcliffe Creamery 1895.

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grew up surrounded by all the advantages and luxuries of wealth which people of their time and class would have considered normal. Constance, however, was not always lady-like.

She had an independent streak and spent a lot of her time on her pony, exploring the neighbourhood of Lissadell and meeting her father's tenants. Her love of drama and the limelight shone through at an early age and she enjoyed shocking people with her un-ladylike horse- riding and disregard for social rules.

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