Clothes in the 1950s

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  • A School in Cork City

Dressed for Success

Let's look at two photographs from the 1950s. In both of these photographs, the students are dressed for special occasions.

City and County Hurling and Football Champions, 1959
© Scoil Mhuire na nGrás, Greenmount, Cork.

The photograph above shows the Greenmount team that won the Cork City and County National School Hurling and Football Championships in 1959. Their jerseys and shorts probably look a little different from the ones you wear these days. What do you notice about them?

Confirmation Group, 1956
© Scoil Mhuire na nGrás, Greenmount, Cork.

This photograph shows the Confirmation class from 1956. Everyone is wearing jackets, ties, short trousers and long socks. What differences do you notice between the clothes these boys are wearing and the clothes that boys wear for Confirmation in modern times?