Three Bad Eggs

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  • Cork City Games

Eggciting stuff

All that is needed to play this game are some children and a ball. The child with the ball throws it high in the air and calls the name of one of the other children in the group. He or she then has to catch it while the rest run away. The child who catches the ball then shouts 'Stop!'.

The other children stop running. Then the child with the ball gently attempts to hit another child with the ball. If he misses, he has 'one bad egg', and throws the ball up and starts the game again.

If he hits another child, that child has 'one bad egg', and takes a turn at throwing the ball up and calling the name of another member of the group.

Anyone who has three bad eggs is then out, and plays no further part in the game. The game continues until only one player is left with less than three bad eggs. That player wins the game.