The Tenements

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  • Housing in Cork City

Tenement trouble

Poor people crammed into the old stone houses and very soon the the living conditions became dreadful.

Have a look at these photos of the tenements in Cork City, taken around 1900.

Inside a Cork tenement circa 1910
Colman O'Mahony

This photograph above shows a bed and some other pieces of furniture.

The photo below is of a toilet in a tenement. It would have been shared by many families. It illustrates the cramped conditions and the low standards of hygiene a tenement dweller would live with.

Toilet in a tenement
Colman O'Mahony

On 26 October 1874 The Cork Constitution remarked on housing conditions for the poorer classes in the following terms:

"Every filthy back street is an opening for a pestiferous lane which, in turn, is only an outlet for other alleys and courts that are receptacles and depots for every abomination and pollution."