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  • The Lough Playground

Fishing, Football and Feeding the Ducks

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy at the Lough. A variety of species of birds, especially geese, swans and ducks, are found in there. Feeding the swans is a popular pastime there, as is fishing for carp and pike.

An open area provides a space for children and others to play football and hurling. The outer pathway around the Lough is exactly one mile in circumference and much used by joggers and walkers.

The Lough has a long history of providing enjoyment to the people of Cork. Many Cork people have fond memories of skating on the Lough during cold winters.

In recent years, much work has been done to improve the Lough as a public amenity. The council has provided public lighting, pathways and trees. An annual crib is erected each Christmas on an island in the Lough. Whatever the season, the Lough is seen as one of Cork city's most pleasant amenities.