Postmodernism 21st Century

In the Post-Modern era art is all encompassing and difficult to define. Postmodernism is a rejection of the modernist ideals of autonomous individuality. Postmodern art is more concerned with the collective experience than with the artist’s personal motive to make art. Postmodern art encourages the active participation of the viewer. In the postmodern era there are no boundaries and separate disciplines. Music, sculpture, painting, film, and theatre can all co-exist and combine.


Conceptual Art

Conceptual art, also known as Conceptualism, is art in which the main idea of the piece has priority over the actual aesthetics of the work. Artists working with concepts do not always make their own work. They sometimes use readymade objects or get other people to make the work for them. Some artists create installations or organise performances in order for their ideas to become visualised.

Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917
Dorothy Cross, Virgin Shroud, 1993


Installation Art

Installation art is an art form which is concerned with three-dimensional works. The art is often based around a particular site and focuses on altering the perception of a space.

Carsten Höller, Test Site, Tate Modern, 1998
Rachel Whiteread, Embankment, Tate Modern, 2005


Performance Art

The artist uses their body as the medium in order to offer the viewer a performed or acted art piece. Performance art is often site specific.

Marina Abramovic, Rhythm 0, 1974
Amanda Coogan, Spit Spit Scrub Scrub, 2011


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