21st Century

In the post-modern era, artists make art about anything, in any style, and in any medium. Art in the 21st century is not necessarily merited on its aesthetic but on the artist’s concept. 21st century artworks like to ask questions and engage the viewer, either physically or metaphysically. They ask you to question what it is you are looking at and why it is classified as “art”.

Dorothy Cross (b. 1956)

Cross is an Irish surrealist.  She uses sculpture, photography, video and installation in order to express her ideas. Cross often combines objects in order to create new meaning or to make something surreal.

Alice Maher (b. 1956)

Maher creates animations, videos, sculptures and large scale charcoal drawings.

Willie Doherty (b. 1959)

Doherty is from Derry. He uses video art and photography to explore notions of conflict within society.


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