John Singer Sargent and his O'Meara Portrait

A portrait of Frank O'Meara

was painted by the artist John Singer Sargent in 1875 when Sargent himself was only nineteen years of age and his subject was twenty-two. Sargent had been a fellow student of O'Meara's in Carolus Duran's atelier in Paris. He also worked in Grez.

John Singer Sargent was born in Florence in 1856. He was inspired by the Brabizon school and by the Impressionists. He later became interested and skilled at portrait painting. By the year 1900 he had become an important society portrait painter.

His study of Frank O'Meara is painted in oils on canvas. This painting was presented to Isobel Osbourne a young American lady who had been a good friend of O'Meara in Grez. It was later presented by her to the Century Association in New York.

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