1824 Pigot & Co's Provincial Directory

Pigot & Co's City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory 1824

Entries for St Patrick's Street

Name(s) Occupation(s) Street Number
Abernethy, Richard Saddler and harness-maker 28
Albey, Mrs. Academy (day) 10
Armstrong, John & Co. Goldsmiths and jewellers 85
Austen, Joseph & Son Braziers and tin-plate workers 1
Barratt, Richard Fruit merchant 20
Barry, John Perfumer 126
Bennett, Michael Brazier and tin-plate worker 19
Bennett, Thomas Optician 65
Best, Francis Hotelier 86
Bewley, Mrs. Academy (day) 88
Boddy, L. Haberdasher 41
Bolster, John Albion Fire and Insurance office 7
Bolster, John Bookseller, stationer and printer 7
Bourke, John Hope Insurance Office 62
Bourke, John Exchange and bullion office 62
Bowles, Joseph Gunsmith 22
Bradford, Richard Cutler 9
Bull, Christopher Physician and surgeon 122
Busteed, John Boot and shoemaker 46
Byrne, James Attorney 82
Byron, William Watch and clock maker 68
Callanan, Alex Baker 64
Carr, George National Assurance Office 16
Casey, James Nursery and seedsman 123
Castles , William Cabinet maker 61
Cogan, John Tallow chandler and soap boiler 42
Coldwell, Thomas Bookseller, stationer and printer 93
Coldwell, Thomas Cork Mercury and Weekly Advertiser 93
Coleman, Thomas Irish Insurance Office 82
Colman, Nano Toy Dealer 49
Condon, John Glover 35
Connor, Ann Toy Dealer 60
Cooke, George Boot and shoemaker 43
Corbett, Daniel Dentist 32
Cotter, John Ladies’ shoemaker 131
Curry, Misses Toy Dealer 21
Davis, Jonathan Brass and iron founder 5
Dawson, William Woollen draper 14
Day, Mrs. Hotelier 94
Denmead, Henry Bookseller, stationer and printer 106
Dennison, James Tobacco and snuff manufacturer 66
Denny, Julia Grocer 104
Douthat, Mary & Eliz. Grocers 4
Down, William Boot and shoemaker 56
Doyle, Michael Perfumer 120
Dunbar, Josh. Grocer 13
Dunn, Etty Toy dealer 25
Evans, John Tailor 132
Fanning, I & C. House and sign painters 91
Fanning, J & C. Paper stainers and hangers 91
Fergusson, William Bookseller and stationer 108
Fisher, William Boot and shoemaker 95
Fitty, Ellen Milliner 115
Flanagan, Francis Tailor and draper 129
Flynn, Daniel Vintner, spirit and porter-house keeper 92
Fogarty, Edmund Woollen draper (Irish)
Fowler, George Physician and surgeon 9
French, John Woollen draper 97
French, Robert House and sign painter 72
Gillespie, Richard Music and musical-instrument seller 33
Graham, Eliza. Tea dealer 27
Greaves, Eliza. Milliner 84
Green, John Engraver and copperplate printer 34
Greene, Richard Physician and surgeon 72
Haines, Humphrey Apothecary 40
Hall, Eliz. Milliner 113
Hamilton, Mary Ann Straw-hat maker 124
Hare, John Oil and colourman 103
Harrington, William Druggist 17
Harris, Thomas Esq.
Hartland & Bullen Nursery and seedsmen 23
Hayes, James Boot and shoemaker 58
Haynes, Samuel Watch and clock maker 114
Haynes, Thomas Attorney
Hoare, John Fruit merchant 44
Hobbs, William Attorney and notary 87
Hodder, Francis Woollen draper 111
Hodnett, James Paper manufacturer and warehouse keeper 58
Hopper, Edward J. Grocer 30
Howell, W. Hardwareman 112
Hunt, Thomas Optician 80
Hutchinson, James Apothecary and druggist 47
Hyde, William Saddler and harness-maker 57
Jacotin, Dominick Professor and teacher (French)
Jones and Carroll Apothecaries and druggists 3

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