Historic Architectural Features in Dublin 6

FROM PILLAR TO POST: Signs & Symbols of the Rathmines Township

The examples of historic street furniture and architectural features shown in the following web pages originate from the FROM PILLAR TO POST exhibition, which was launched in Rathmines Public Library in 1998. The photographs and research for the exhibition were undertaken by members of the Rathmines, Ranelagh & Rathgar Historical Society in association with Rathmines Library staff. The exhibition went on display in Rathmines Library and then went on tour to other branches of Dublin City Libraries.

The entire exhibition covered the following topics relating to local urban architectural history in detail: the Rathmines township boundaries and visible markings; street signs in the area - the origins of road names and the actual signage; the canal bridges; pavement shores; the water supply; the history of firefighting in the area; post-boxes; street-lighting; exterior features of buildings. Ornate cast-iron work is widespread throughout the Rathmines Township area, as can be seen from the variety of railings, balconies and foot scrapers on view in the locality, and this was also covered in much detail in the exhibition.

A selection of photographs and information from the exhibition is reproduced here by kind permission of Angela O'Connell, Librarian, Rathmines Library, and Noel Healy, Rathmines, Ranelagh & Rathgar Historical Society, who originally collated and researched the exhibition.

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