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By Duane Fitzsimons | 2011-10-01 17:08:38

9 Crossmore Road

Taken around 1903-1907 this is the house occupied by John Fitzsimons. He inherited it from his wife's uncle Henry Smyth who was a brother of Dr. Wiliiam Hamilton Smyth the first Roman Catholic Doctor in County Down. In the photograph from left to right are; Mary Ann Fitzsimons, Mary Ann Curran (nee Clark), William Clark, Ellen Fitzsimons, and Patrick Fitzsimons. Patrick's son Richard went on to act as an Ambassador for Ireland in Malawi during the 1960s.

By kc1912 | 2011-10-15 17:35:35

Joe Gilmore (1900 – 1945): Pioneer Aviator

By Kevin Crangle John Joseph Gilmore was raised in Ardglass, Co. Down by his mother Elizabeth (nee Crangle). After training as a motor engineer, he acquired a fascination with the then developing aviation industry. In 1932 he received his Irish Free State pilot's licence and was gliding champion of Ireland. As a member of the Irish Aero Club, Joe historically made the first parachute descent onto Irish soil on 17 April 1933 at Baldonnel Airport. He immigrated to Montreal in 1938 to operate a transatlantic base for Imperial Airways (later BOAC). During World War II he was stationed at Gander with RAF Ferry Command and granted military rank of Flight Lieutenant. He quickly earned a reputation in the region as an unofficial, one-man search and rescue unit, conducting numerous mercy flights. He lost his life on 1 May 1945, crashing en route to Montreal in fog near Prince Edward Island. Joe is the only civilian buried in the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in Gander, North America’s only CWGC cemetery.

By Brian's | 2012-01-15 15:48:31

Pearson family circa 1810 +

I am trying to find my great, great grandparents. The info I have to hand is as follows: John Pearson b circa 1810 in ?Carrick-on-Shannon ?Carlow. He married, as we are lead to understand, Margaret McWilliams, ( date not sure of ), but we understand that Margaret was also a local girl from Carrick b circa 1813 / 1818. All we are certain about is that eventually both John and Margaret came to live in Salford Lancashire around 1850/51, and one of their siblings Hannah married John Kelly in 1871 in Salford. Brian Naylor

By dalian11 | 2012-01-15 16:24:35

Nugent Family Tipperary Town

The attached photograph is of the Nugent Family Tipperary Town. Michael Nugent , born 1858 was employed by the gas company in Tipperary (at Gaol Lane). In this photo he is accompanied by his wife Margaret (nee Russell)* The photograph is possibly taken in No 3 Blind Street Tipperary as that is the location of the family (relative to their apparent ages) at the time of the 1911 Irish Census.

By jclogan1 | 2012-06-11 21:12:39

Search for Kildare relatives

I am trying to find my great-great grandparents and information about my great-grandfather. My great-grandfather was named Arthur Coleman. He was born in approximately 1844 in Kildare. He immigrated to the United States in approximately 1871. Somewhere along the way, he met and married a woman from the island of Martinique who was half African and half French by the name of Martha Crittenden. They settled in Lexington, Kentucky, USA and had three children. Their names were George, Mary and Jefferson (who was often called Benjamin). George, my grandfather, sailed back to visit relatives in Kildare during the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. As family lore tells it, he brought a lot of cows or pigs, which he had brought so they would have food and milk for some time. Instead, they had a big party.

By ricardo | 2012-11-08 21:16:58

rebecca & Charles Croker

Rebecca Arived in England around 1842/1843 un married she had a child sortly after arriving,The child was called Margaret.When Margaret later Married She stated her Mother had said the Father was called James Evans!I visited the Irish Life Centre in Dublin (very helpfull staff)I found a Charles Croker who died in1878, Tis is the nearest I have to finding the Father of Rebecca, And hoping to trace the James Evans(the Father of her Child) Charles Croker Leased Land From Nicolas Evans at Carkbeg In the Parish of Donnerail which I have Visited (last New Year) again lots of Helpfull people Especialy at the Glenanaar Pub I now have doubts about the conection to the charles Croker I have Found (he was connected to the Carker LodgeDuring the time of the Whiteboyism)Can anyone Help me to take this Further.I am carrying on reserch me Cousin has been doing for the Past 30yrs,I am still able to Drive and will travel to any part of Ireland, To further my Research, Any advice is Welcome and could be e/mailed to me

By mrscottanderson | 2013-01-24 12:16:53

John Thomas Anderson

This is a picture of my grandfather John Thomas Anderson born at 38 Henry Street,Limerick on the 17th June 1896 to John Anderson (Sailor) and Lizzie Quaid. His siblings were James, Ethel and Elizabeth. Around circa: 1903 they all moved to Glasgow, Scotland. I would love to hear from any distant family members in Limerick, my great grandmother was born in Adare, Limerick around circa 1870 to Patrick and Elizabeth Quaid and my great grandfather was born circa 1869 to James Anderson and mother unknown.

By mrscottanderson | 2013-01-30 17:10:59

James Gerard Anderson 1899-1926

In memoriam to James Gerard Anderson born 1899 in Wellesley Place, Limerick and moved to Glasgow with John Thomas Anderson his brother also featured on this page and his siblings and parents. Jimmy married in 1924 to Mary Ann O'Connor at St John's Chapel, Portugal Street, Glasgow. In January of 1926 they celebrated the birth of their only child Jimmy Jnr shortly before Jimmy Snr went to sea, upon his arrival home and returning from a friends on the night of 8th May 1926 Jimmy suffered a fatal stab wound to the jugular vein in his neck despite putting up a fearsome self defence against seven men from a South Glasgow razor gang and causing five of them to run off leaving two. He was pronounced dead at the scene and all seven were charged with murder and two eventually appeared at Glasgow High Court, Lord Morison angrily directed the jury to find both guilty, one for assault for which he received one years imprisonment and the other being told he had been found guilty of murder and had just missed the hangman's noose but would be given five years penal servitude(hard labour)in prison, which meant working six days a week, twelve hours per day (30 minute break) moving sand and boulders around a yard on his own from one end to the other for five years with no other intention than to break him and make him pay for his crimes, it has been said by some inmates of this regime later in life in Glasgow that they would have preferred the noose. As many know the Glasgow razor gangs were borne out of a hatred for Irish immigrants and back in these times punishment was severe for these crimes. This type of penal servitude in Glasgow was ridiculed at the time for being one of the worst in the British Isles, however this type of punishment along with the arrival of Britain's most notorious executioner Albert Pierrepoint to work in Glasgow's Duke St Prison in the late 20s, the gangs eventually saw sense and petered out by the early 1930s.

By Margaret Rose | 2013-10-07 19:56:53

Information on Murphy or Mihan families in Ballyhall or Callum, Co. Kilkenny

Thomas Murphy, son of Elizabeth Mihan and Thomas Murphy of Kilkenny, married in Prince Edward Island, Canada, in 1843. I am most interested in locating either of these two families, with a view to expanding their genealogy. They were Catholic and may have come from Ballyhall or Callum. If anyone knows anything about a connection between these two family's I would be most interested...thank you.

By robuck | 2013-10-10 00:30:17

Information on Gillespie Family in Cliffoney, Sligo

Hi Mary Gillespie was my Great Grandmother who was born in Cliffoney, Sligo , Ireland in 1837. She sailed to Australia on the "John Fielding" in 1853 from Birkenhead. She had a chaperone with her a Miss Mullens. We have not been able to find a birth certificate for her. She was 16yrs old, well educated and there was money to pay the chaperone. It was suggested from relatives who went to Ireland that she may have been the illegitimate child of Lord Pemberton. She wrote a diary which I presume is in Australia somewhere, but we seek this and any information you can give, photos, school pupil rolls etc.or the history of the area in those times. Good Luck and Thanks for your help. Rosanne

By Ali Brooker | 2014-03-10 11:41:10

Lawton Johannah Middelton County Cork married George Groves convict in Tasmania

Hi my name is Ali and I am trying to find my ancestor Johanna Lawton All I know is she came from Middelton Cork in 1852 went to Tasmania via England as an indentured house maid on either the William Hammond or William Jardine, think it was the Hammond. Johanna's age was approx 18 when she left England Married George Groves convict in 1853 had 10 children and died in 1922. I am coming to Ireland in June to hopefully find out more.

By Slator | 2014-07-27 06:38:36

Nugent Family Tipperary Town

dalian11, I am a Nugent descendant living in the United States and I have the same photo hanging in my house. My grandmother is in the photo. If you're also a Nugent descendant, I'd love to hear from you. E-mail is --Kevin Slator

By Greta | 2018-12-03 23:34:55

HIGGINS and LONERGAN families from Tippery South Riding

After many years of unsuccessful searching I finally located my Great Great Grandparents in Carrick-on-suir and Clonmel respectively. I visited Carrick about 25 years ago only to find that Jones' Lane where my Higgins family had resided was no longer there. A visit to the Council offices with the welcome assistance of a member of staff I was told that the name had changed. She directed me to it. Denis Higgins was a Tanner and the place he lived in was a tiny house/hovel under a very narrow archway between two buildings. This led directly to the banks of the river Suir which was of course necessary because of his trade. To wash the excrement from the skins.Sadly, the photo's I took were lost. I am now looking for his marriage to Margaret Lonergan and that of her parents Stephen and Mary Lonergan. probably in Clonmel. Fingers crossed, any help or advice most welcome.

By sue egan | 2020-06-25 01:46:12

Donohoe family from Robertstown, Moods

Anyone have any information on the farming community of Moods in the 1880s to 1920s?? My grandfather was born there and his father John was a farmer. I would love to see any photos of the area as it was then, I believe all the housing has gone now.

By | 2020-09-14 21:09:56

Delia Bridget purcell outside the family shop

She left Ireland or liverpool in 1915 aged 28, so this picture must be in the years leading up to that. Any ideas where or when?