Saint Patrick's Street, Castlerea

The commercial life of Castlerea centred on two streets - Main Street and St. Patrick's Street.

The usual blend of bakers, chemists, drapers, and grocer and spirit dealers carried out their business side by side with auctioneers, egg exporters, coachbuilders, saddlers and tailors.


Main Street, Castlerea

This tinted photo postcard was posted from Castlerea to England in 1910. The McCormack "commercial and family" hotel is the first building on the right. The two sisters who ran this establishment, Kate and Delia, were still running the family business in the late 1940's. The ochre coloured building at the end of the block, on the right of the image is now Tully's Hotel. Charles Stewart Parnell, used the windows of this building, from which to make political speeches, when he visited Castlerea. In the left foreground is Winstons, next door is Byrons Drapery and the third building is that of the Mount Sandford Arms Hotel. After the break in the road, is the National Bank, the building with the porthole in the gable, which later became the Bank of Ireland.

Main Street, Castlerea -

Tully's Hotel, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, Ireland

This colour postcard taken possibly in the 1970's is of Tully's Hotel, Castlerea. The Tully family took it over from a Mr. Morley. Robert Flynn's general merchant store is the business house next door.

Tully's Hotel, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, Ireland -

John Delaney's Castlerea

This postcard shows John Delaney's Grocery and Spirit Dealer. He was also a tea, hardware and seed merchant. The man in the doorway is John Delaney, whilst the lady standing outside the residential side of the house, is Mrs. Fahy of the bakery with the same name. The boy standing beside her is John's son, later to become a doctor. Donated by Anthony Touhy, Main Street, Castlerea

John Delaney's Castlerea -

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