Not Everything Changes

The vast majority of postcard images, if compared with a similar image taken today, indicate changes of one kind or another. However, some images serve to illustrate how certain things do stand the test of time. Two areas worth mentioning in this regard are Monkstown (in particular Monkstown Church) and Milltown/Dundrum.

Monkstown Church, like the entire area around it has a rich and varied history. However the Church remains at the centre of the village and retains closely the general impression given in 1906. This, the fifth parish church of Monkstown was built by John Semple in 1831, using Dalkey granite.

It is an unusual design. Notable features include hexagonal pinnacles, loop windows (arrow slits) and clasping buttresses made from square-hewn stones. The interior is equally striking. Previously on this site there was a smaller church together with an adjoining schoolhouse, which had been completed in 1789. It was deemed too small to house the congregation and so the decision was made to rebuild it.

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