Postcards of Killarney

Killarney is the premier tourist location in Kerry and not surprisingly produces a preponderance of the postcards in this collection. Many of the postcards date from the early twentieth century when postcards were first permitted. Scenic views as you would expect predominate but street scenes also feature. and so do postcards of a seasonal nature such as Christmas and the New Year, indicating that Killarney attracts visitors throughout the year.


Tunnel on the Kenmare Road,Killarney

This postcard is a popular choice of tourists down the years .It features a man-made tunnel on the road from Killarney to Kenmare. This road provides spectacular views of the Lakes of Killarney. This particular postcard was posted to England on the 8th August 1907.

Tunnel on the Kenmare Road,Killarney -

The Cloisters,Muckross Abbey,Killarney

This particular postcard was sent by an English visitor in 1907.It features the cloisters of Muckross Abbey consisting of a quadrangle of arches,enclosing a square in the centre of which stands the great yew tree,said to be as old as yhe Abbey itself. It is a striking postcard much as the original itself is to this day.

The Cloisters,Muckross Abbey,Killarney -

Old Weir Bridge,Killarney

Traditional postcard of Old Weir Bridge,Muckross,Killarney (Droichead an Mhaoir the Steward,s Bridge). This particular postcard was purchased in 1908 and sent to Massachusetts in USA.

Old Weir Bridge,Killarney -

Railway Station,Killarney

On the left is the Great Southern Hotel and on the right is the Railway Station. The postcard captures an old world scene where various modes of local transport await the arrival of the train. The Great Southern and Western Railway opened in 1853 and the Great Southern Hotel was opened in 1854.

Railway Station,Killarney -

Christmas in Killarney

The woman in the painting is gathering holly while the boys are absorbed with the icy lake. The scene is illustrated with a poem "Bright hued berries dust the snows, smiling winter's frown away" The card was posted to County tipperary in December 1906.

Christmas in Killarney -


Innisfallen island,Killarney

Described by a 12th century monk as "a paradise-like place"Innisfallen is situated in the middle of Loch Lein not far from Ross Castle. A monastery was founded there in the 7th century and some of the historical chronicles known as The Annals of Innisfallen were compiled on the island.

Innisfallen island,Killarney -

Dinis Island,Killarney

..A tropical and luxuriant scene where "flourish palms,bamboos,magnolias azaleas hydrangeas and the New zealand flax-not to mention great Osmunda ferns-in the loveliest imaginable surroundings". This is an extract from the very many tourist guide books which date back to the early 19th century.

Dinis Island,Killarney -

Ross Castle,Killarney

A romantic and romanticised postcard of Ross Castle.The swans and fishing boat are almost certainly additions to appeal to the visitor. There is an element of improving on pecfection in this photograph.

Ross Castle,Killarney -

Kate Kearney's Cottage,Killarney

Postcard from the 1960s.Kate Kearney's Cottage is the last outpost before the arduous journey by horse to the Gap of Dunloe. The postcard captures a busy day at the height of the summer season.

Kate Kearney's Cottage,Killarney -

Killarney street scene

An example of a painting used as a postcard.It is a traditional if idealised scene but nevertheless Killarney's main street is recognisable in the background. The postcard was sent from Killarney to Wales in 1906 and it is clear from the message that the person to whom it is sent is a collector of postcards.

Killarney street scene -


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