Changes to Irish bogs

Bogs originally covered 17% of the land surface of Ireland, a higher proportion than any other European country. Today, 28% of blanket bog remains in a relatively intact condition, and 10% of the raised bogs. The Irish Peatland Conservation Council details the processes and events that are threatening the remaing areas.

Changes in the use and method of peat extraction have led to some destruction of the bogs of Ireland.

GENERATIONS AGO: People dug peat by hand, dried the sods and then burnt them as a fuel for cooking and warmth. This was a slow process, which allowed the bog's flora and fauna a chance to regenerate and little damage was done.

NOW: New uses for peat and the bogs have been developed such as in horticulture, energy production, and forestry. This has resulted in the destruction of 85% of Ireland's bogs.

Birds of the boglands
Courtesy of the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government

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