Banna to Ballyheigue


Banna Strand is a popular bathing resort and during the summer has a lifeguard service. There is a hotel nearby.


This flat heath is known as Cul Trá - The Back Strand. There is a rabbit warren here and in spring and summer skylarks fill the air with song.


Rockbeg and its larger companion, the Black Rock, are separated by a deep channel. When the tide is out it is possible to walk on to these rocks, but beware of being trapped by the incoming waters. Under no circumstances should you bathe anywhere in this area.


Inside the sand dunes is Akeragh Lake- an important sanctuary for migrating flocks of sea birds who find first refuge here after long flights from their northern homes. Access to the lake is not practicable.


Ballyheigue Bay shoals a long way out and because of this many ships have foundered here. At certain times of the year and stages of the tides one can see their timbers projecting from the strand. The most famous wreck associated with the Bay is the " Golden Lyon"


Ballyheigue has long been a popular seaside resort and the weary walker will find it just the place - either to pause for refreshments or to overnight before continuing the second leg of the North Kerry Way. Dominating the village and giving it a distinctive character is the castle - now a ruin. It was built in the early 1800's on the site of an older mansion and remained the residence of the Crosbie family, (local Landlords), until it was burned during the troubles in 1921. In recent years the grounds have been turned into a golf course and the castle façade is retained to front a clubhouse. The statue of Roger Casement is a bronze casting that was stored away in an outhouse for years until found and erected by the Community Committee. Well worth a visit is the Maritime Centre. When, some years ago, a massive whale was washed up on Ballyheigue Strand it seemed to be a disaster for the village. However, local enterprise and remarkable energy saved the day. The carcass was stripped and the skeleton put on display I this specially built hall. Many other items of interest are also preserved, including the small boat in which Roger Casement landed at Banna.


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