Glenderry to Maulin Road


At the points symbolised on Map 5 are the two Cahercarbery Forts – or at least what remain of them after the passage of maybe 2000 years and the battering of countless storms. These structures most likely were refuges where people retreated in times of danger and, protected by sea cliffs at one side and stout walls on the other, could withstand attack from marauding raiders. The Red Ditch has its starting point near here. Be warned, the forts seem deceptively close, but are over half a kilometre from the Way and the ground is quite uneven. The cliffs are very high and, of course, unprotected. In fog this is quite a hazardous place.


Between here and the long, low coast of Clare, 13 km to the north, the Shannon bids a last farewell to Ireland having completed a 40 km journey from its source in Co. Cavan. It now mingles with that vast expanse of ocean which draws the eye to the far horizon.

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