People's Regatta

The People's Regatta was a very popular event in the early years of the club. The event was open to everybody, and required no previous rowing experience. The People's Regatta of 1927 is described in great detail in the newspapers. The races were both varied and colourful and included titles such as Riverside Workers Oared Gig Race, Amateur Punt Race and The Championship Cot Race for Suir, Nore and Barrow.

All the shops along the Quays from the Bridge to Reginald's Tower were decorated with bunting with hundreds of people lining the riverside for the races. The Bridge and the public buildings were similarly decorated, presenting a pleasing and attractive appearance.

With the racing over, the bandmaster Mr T. Threlfall and his Legion Fife and Drum Band helped to add to the entertainment by playing a selection of music during the afternoon. The Barrack Street Brass and Reed Band entertained the crowds until after ten o'clock as the lights faded.

The fireworks started at about 9 p.m. and were watched by an estimated crowd of 15, 000 people, which left very few people at home. At the same time, a procession of illuminated boats proceeded slowly up the river, to great applause. The illuminated boat leading the procession was decorated with lanterns and coloured lights to represent the Hook House Lighthouse. A good day was had by all.

The Boat Club held Fairs in the early years to raise funds. One such Fair was held in the grounds of the Courthouse during August 1903 and was opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, His Excellency Earl Dudley. Admission was six old pennies.


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