Private Individuals' Role in Governance

Private individuals – people like you and me - take many actions as part of their role in governance.

People have a big role to play through public participation, voting, and taking part in community organisations. When people are active in these ways, they help to achieve goals and can help to shape public policies.

People also contribute by paying taxes and following laws. Taxes help to fund government programmes and services. Laws help to shape the kind of society we live in where some things allowed and others are not allowed.

Even when we are focusing on our families, friends, work, and recreation – our actions have an effect on the world - many of our actions have a positive or negative effect on the natural environment. For example, our homes can use less fuel to keep us warm if we have better insulation.  This affects the world through less resources being consumed, lower carbon emissions, and helps to achieve goals (e.g. Ireland meeting international carbon reduction targets).


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