Governance Case Studies

Case studies are examples of how something works. They examine a principle in a specific setting and learn more about a subject based on the actual workings in the real world.

Two of the case studies are about the regional level of sub-national government in Ireland. These regional governments have challenges related to governance. River Basin Management Districts were set up because the EU required it. Regional Assemblies were also set up to meet EU requirements – and their structure has been changed multiple times by the Irish national government. These examples of different circumstances show how governance processes affect the types of work, links with other entities, and how much they have authority to do. 

  • River Basin Management
  • Regional Assemblies

The other four case studies focus more on things beyond government authorities. They show how specific areas of our lives are affected by governance in terms of water, schools, research, and the role of local people when they disagree with big business pressures.

  • Irish Water
  • Green Schools
  • Science and Research
  • Shell to Sea campaign


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