The Seaside

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Beach habitat
Copyright George McHugh

Every seaside has its own characteristic flora, but all plants that grow near the coast must be well adapted to survive the tough conditions. They have their own unique ways of adapting to their habitat.

What are the seaside conditions?

1.       Strong, howling winds

2.       Full sunshine

3.       Salty air

4.       Very shallow, sandy soil

How do plants adapt to growing at the seaside?

Deep root systems Deep roots help defend against being blown away by the strong winds.
Waxy leaves Many seaside plants have a waxy layer on their leavs that stops water from evaporating in the full sunshine.
Curling leaves When it gets very hot and sunny, some plants roll up their leaves to stop their water supply from evaporating.
Fleshy leaves The thick, fleshy leaves of seaside plants can store a lot of water and survive in very dry conditions.
Absorb salty water Many plants have adapted to absorbing the seawater that is very high in salt, which plants growing in other habitats would not be able to do.