Focus: Signage

What is the purpose of a sign?

Easy to read, allow quick interpretation
Pictures are quicker to read than sentences

A sign contains symbols and words – no long sentences

Why does a sign normally contain just two colours

Less distraction
Helps it to stand out
Can be colour coded (eg. red = danger etc.)

What shape should a sign be?

Signs can be in the shape of circles, squares, rectangles, hexagon or a triangle etc.

Simplicity is important

Where do you find signs and what is there purpose there?

Roads, Constructions sites, Laboratories, Hospitals, Factory, Public spaces and the working environment

Their purpose is to give directions (to offer help to the public) and to ensure safety

What signs are there in your school and where are they to be found?

The toilets, the gym, wood work room etc.

What makes an effective sign?

Easy to read and the message is clear


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