Graphic Design

Graphic Design relates to the combination of lettering and images in order to deliver meaning. 

Used in order to advertise an establishment
Used to point one in the right direction
Use to direct one away from hazard (safety signs)

A visual image that stands for something else

An image and/or letters used to promote or advertise a company, enterprise or designer

Used to advertise an event or product
Combination of image and font
Usually displayed as portrait dimensions

Its primary function is to protect the product which it covers
Its secondary function is to sell and advertise that product (marketing)

Book Illustration
Combination of image and font
Designed to tell the buyer something about the content of the book
Its aim is to make the content of the book seem appealing

Large-scale advertising technique
Landscape in dimension
Combination of image and font
Used to advertise events and products



Design safety signs for the Art Room. Adhere to the safety sign rules and codes.

Mandatory: a circular blue sign with a white symbol

Prohibited: a circular red sign with a black logo and a white line crossing it

Hazard Identification: yellow triangular sign with a black symbol

  1. Make a list of rules and safety precaution relevant to the art room
  2. Decide whether they fit under the category of mandatory, prohibited, or hazardous
  3. Draw a symbol
  4. Create your sign according to the rules


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