Observational Drawing

Drawing from observation is the key to improving your drawing skills and your ability to perceive in detail. An essential part of drawing is being able to translate and describe what your eyes can see using your hand.


Learning how to look

Get to know your object before you draw it! Examine it with your eyes first. Make a series of quick blind drawings and also continuous line drawings.

A blind drawing is one that is made by not looking at the page.

A continuous line drawing is one in which you must not lift the pencil from the page once you have started drawing.


Types of Drawing

Blind Drawing: making a drawing of a person or object without looking at the page; looking at the subject only

Continuous Line Drawing: a drawing which is made from one continuous line. Once the pencil hits the page it cannot be lifted until the drawing is complete

Contour Line Drawing: creating the illusion of form using lines; wrapping lines around the form of the object on your page

Gestural Drawing: creating loose and suggestive lines

Tonal Drawings: applying tone to your drawing in order to create the illusion of form


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