Graphic Design

Graphic design, otherwise known as visual communication, is the communication of ideas through image and/or text. The aim of a graphic design piece is that the meaning or the message can be easily and quickly interpreted by the viewer.



Logos or monograms are used by companies and people in order to label and market their product.

A monogram is a shortened signature. It is usually a person or a designer’s initial/s.  The initials can be combined in interesting and pleasing ways, using various fonts and sizes.

Some examples of famous monograms:
The German artist, Albrecht Durer, signed his works with a monogram
The fashion designers, Coco Channel and Yves Saint Lauren

A logo acts like a trademark for a company or business. It is a type of shorthand label that is quickly recognised.

For example:
Ssports labels - NIKE, Puma, Addidas
Airlines - Aerlingus, KLM, Virgin



1) Design a logo for a company

Things to consider:
What does your company do or sell?
Who is the target audience?
How will this affect the colour and font style?
What is the name of your company?
Can the name be abbreviated?
What image can be used to sell your company or explain what it sells?

2) Redesign a logo that already exists

Research the history of a particular logo and document how it has changed through drawing etc.
What caused it to change? Take note of how logos are designed in order to meet current styles or tastes in society. For example, look at the changing style of the Coca Cola logo. 

3) Design your own monogram using your initials

Experiment with combining and integrating your initials in a number of different ways.
For example:
Overlap them
Combine them
Use capitals and lower case
Use block lettering
Squash your initials into various shapes, such as a triangle, square or circle


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