Posters are used in order to deliver a message or for advertising purposes. Posters are also used by politicians or protestors as a form of propaganda. They often combine image and text. It is important that the text is legible.

Posters are most commonly displayed in a public space. They are therefore designed to be eye-catching and coherent.

Originally posters were created by the free hand of an artist, however, in the 21st century, it is more popular for graphic designers to design their poster on a computer, using software such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

When designing a successful poster, some key elements to note:

Ensure that the text is clear
Use a simple colour palette (bold, flat shapes of colour can work very well)
Use a simple image or icon
Ensure it attracts attention (using contrasting colours e.g. red and green, or black and white)



Saul Bass poster project using cut paper

Study the posters of Saul Bass.
Design a poster for a film inspired by the design aesthetic of Bass.
Use two or three different coloured sheets of A2 paper.
Use a craft knife or a scissors to cut out your image and font.
Decide which colour sheet of paper is going to be the foreground, middle and background.


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